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Student. Performer. Hostess. Memphian. "I may not be able to tell you a lot about Ghandi or Queen Elizabeth, but I know a lot about Jane, Laraine and Gilda."

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Society6 has added some fun new things lately: mugs, “biker tanks,” shower curtains, and duvet covers!!  There’s also rugs, clocks, and baby onesies, but I didn’t want to make this a super long post.

As always, if there’s ever a piece of my art you’d like in a particular format that you don’t already see in the shop, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.

Check everything out at my Society6 shop here!

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she’s normal I swear

i lied im sorry

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When I talk to the management about how a coworker is absolutely awful and they do nothing about it….


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Jimmy and Rory McIlroy take turns chipping golf balls at glass panels painted with their faces while Tiger Woods coaches Jimmy against Rory!

Several of the New York Jets players admitted to using the popular dating app Tinder to meet women. And it turns out a lot of other players and coaches around the NFL also use the app. We actually got ahold of some of their Tinder profiles and some of their pick up lines are pretty interesting… 

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"Why would I put my finger on his throat?"

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